Tips to Lubricate Your Treadmill at Home

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treadmill belt lubricant

You might have read about the concept of treadmill lubrication when you first bought the machine and read the user manual. Alternatively, you might have come across it online while searching what is wrong with your treadmill’s performance, or looking up problems like why your treadmill is making noise.

Either way, you are at the right place. A good quality treadmill belt lubricant is, indeed, essential for the equipment’s optimal performance. Without a good oiling product, you may find that the life of your treadmill will be significantly reduced, and the performance will deteriorate as soon as 1-2 years after purchasing it. As long as yours is a treadmill that needs lubrication, you need to oil the belt after every six months, given that you use the machine regularly.

While you may think you need an expert to do the procedure and while you indeed may, it is not all that difficult to perform it by yourself at home. It needs a little technique but it is a short procedure; it merely takes a few minutes and creates a little mess you might have to clean up. If you’re not feeling too confident, you can hire an expert servicer and observe them lubricate the belt so you can follow the steps for the next time around it is needed. Alternatively, you can use a detailed guide and do it yourself. Either way, here are a few tips to make the process simpler and cleaner.

Treadmill Belt Lubricant

A seasoned expert will just hold the belt up with one hand and squirt the treadmill lubricant oil under it with the other. However, you may create a mess doing this, especially if this is the first time. To give yourself the maximum room, you can align the belt with the roller on the back, propping it up. This will make it loose and easy to work with.

Use Convenient Packaging

Lubes comes in all shapes and sizes, including packets and tubes. However, the most convenient would be a bottle of liquid treadmill belt lubricant with a nozzle, so it can easy reach and be applied under the belt. Even sprays can get messy with the little space you have.

Apply Lube in a Zigzag Pattern

Try not to apply lube right on the sides of the deck, since this will probably spill down when the belt presses down on top of it. Instead, try to place it as much towards the center as you can, creating long zigzag lines on both sides.  

Rub the Belt on Top

When you press the belt down, slightly rub it against the deck to ensure the lube being equally applied. Then, secure the belt, plug the machine in and walk on a slow speed for 5 minutes. That is what will do the rest of the application.

Throughout the process, ensure that you have a cleaning rag and rubbing alcohol on hand, and that you have taken safety precautions like plugging off the treadmill.

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